What We Do
We Do Custom Homes

Every Titan Homes project is an extension of ourselves; therefore we treat every phase of a project with integrity, pride and dedication in conveying masterful workmanship. We work with industry leaders and revered companies to provide a product that is both intelligent in design and flawless in construction. Brick by brick and floor by floor the Titan Homes Team works to craft your dream home in an ambitious and efficient manner that not only showcases our talent, but also embodies our vision and belief that an honourable effort inspires admirable results.

We Do Custom Additions

Titan Homes maintains an unrelenting dedication to our craft in designing, developing and executing wonderfully built homes and renovations. We strive to create meaningful relationships with our clients and work towards building a foundation of trust in the same way that we construct a physical foundation; robust and solid throughout. We have a multitude of experience in variable design styles and only partner with eloquent and distinctive designers, providing the one-of-a-kind look that our company represents.

We Do Custom Interiors

At Titan Homes we embody diverse and crafty individuals who work in tandem to turn your ideas into realities. As a team of highly professional, intelligent and skilled workers, there is no one better equipped to provide the premium project management needs that all clients deserve. Our business philosophy relies on creating and nurturing positive relationships with not only our clients but also encompassing our diverse range of architects and designers, consultants, suppliers, skilled tradesmen and sub-contractors.