Every great project is built on friendship.

At Titan Homes, our primary goal is to tailor our experience around the client. We believe that a satisfied client is integral in creating a transparent work setting where you are fully involved in all aspects of the decision making process. The market dynamics of the home improvement industry point to a smarter and more decisive customer, one with an unprecedented amount of information at their disposal. We understand that today’s clientele demand versatile and variable project management -- critical factors that align with the Titan Homes vision. Our key value proposition is our ability to form lasting relationships with our clients, partners and affiliates. Titan Homes recognizes the ability to properly articulate every phase of a project development. We provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of the design scope and involve them every step of the way. We thrive on creating an engaging project environment, one that is catered to the client’s direct involvement.

Mavety Street Victorian Restoration
Titan Homes Ltd. is operated by a couple of highly skilled craftsmen with a keen understanding of materials, who take pride in their work and are committed to bringing their projects to execution with outmost respect for design and attention to detail.
Norden Crescent Modern Addition
We hired Titan Homes to complete a Custom Renovation on our small Don Mills home, we chose them for their willingness to work closely with us to bring our project from Plan to Reality while still occupying the house.
Chaumont-Sur-Loire International Garden Festival
Titan homes helped me to build a show garden for the prestigous garden exhibition in chaumont sur Loire in france. Titan built an advanced geometric folly and all structure for the garden. The work was performed in time and on budget.
Queenslea Avenue Transitional Home
Extensive renovation and addition was done by Titan Homes Ltd to our 1200Sq... 1958 ... 1 1/2 storey house to become a 3650 sq. foot print with 3000 sq. livable space. This young ambitious and talented builders did not compromise on quality.